Get started in Arduino


  • CH340G USB to UART driver.(for D1 mini or D1)

  • CP2104 USB to UART driver.(for D1 mini Pro)

  • Python 2.7

Installing Hardware package

Install Arduino

Install Arduino 1.6.7 from the Arduino website.

Clone repository

Clone repository into Sketchbook_directory/hardware/esp8266com/esp8266 directory (or clone it elsewhere and create a symlink), you may need to create the hardware directory if it does not exist.

cd hardware
mkdir esp8266com
cd esp8266com
git clone esp8266

You should end up with the following directory structure:

─┬ Arduino
 └─┬ hardware
   └─┬ esp8266com
     └─┬ esp8266
       ├── bootloaders
       ├── cores
       ├── doc
       ├── libraries
       ├── package
       ├── tests
       ├── tools
       ├── variants
       ├── platform.txt
       ├── programmers.txt
       ├── boards.txt
       ├── LICENSE

Download binary tools

cd esp8266/tools

Restart the Arduino IDE

To get the latest version anytime, in Sketchbook_directory/hardware/esp8266com/esp8266 simply run

git pull

Configure Board

After install hardware package, you will see WeMos boards in the Tools→Board:xxx

Choose your own board.


Upload Using:
Serial – Use USB port on board to upload flash
OTA – Use OTA to upload flash

CPU Frequency:

Flash Size:
4M (3M SPIFFS) – 3M File system size
4M (1M SPIFFS) – 1M File system size

Upload Speed:
921600 bps – recommend